About me

My mission

My mission (or purpose) as a holistic coach is to help people so that they feel better, feel good and are happy: in their professional environment, in their private life in relationships, family and leisure time, and with balance in their own spiritual energy . This is my “Why.”

For me, helping through kinesiology means showing people mindfulness of their invisible levels of emotions, mind and soul. Bringing people back into balance, supporting them with kinesiology, releasing blockages that have been pent up for a long time and seeing them go through life with full energy again fills me with joy and gratitude. This blog article explains how I found my way to kinesiology.

Helping with a holistic approach sums up what I offer.
Helps and gets you further” is my promise.

That’s me.

  • German with experience abroad: born and raised in Stuttgart/Germany, lived in San Francisco, have a passion for traveling to destinations near and far
  • Gradtuate in business administration with a major in marketing communications/advertising
  • I enjoy communication in all facets – professional, interpersonal and spiritual, written and spoken, with other people and with the subconscious
  • Author
  • Managing Director in the areas of strategy and consulting at the Beaufort 8 advertising agency in Stuttgart
  • “The most structured person I know” (say my friends)
  • I have a passion for processes and tools that make things easier, faster and better
  • Self-employed marketing and communications consultant in Stuttgart and the surrounding area
  • Self-employed in the area of employee involvement and internal communication in Stuttgart and the surrounding area
  • Certified mediator
  • Certified coach
  • Manebua® Shamanic Psychokinesiologist, trained with Monika Obendorfer from Manebua®
  • Certified further training in color therapy according to Dr. Karen E. Wells
  • Certified further training in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) according to Dr. Karen E. Wells
  • Singer in a choir
  • Series fan (preferably comedy)
  • Feminist? Perhaps. At the same time skincare enthusiast? Definitely!
  • Nature lover – I love my daily walk in the forest and also like to visit my favorite tree there
  • Spiritually open and at the same time grounded
  • Multi-passionate scanner personality (as you can easily see from this list 😉 )
  • Zodiac Sign Taurus, Enneagram 1, Human Design 6/2 Generator, 16 Personalities ESTJ
  • Structured head person with a lot of intuition, high sensitivity and gut feeling
  • I love my job as a holistic coach because I can bring all of my different interests and skills together and it is so varied and fulfilling that I can’t imagine a better job.

Would you like to get to know me even better?
Then drop me an email. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

That’s what my clients say about me

“Thank you for the healing support and the kinesiologically tested essences. I feel better now and no longer have any fear.”

Kinesiology client S. from S.

Since my treatment yesterday, my system feels much clearer, much more “tidy”. On a physical level, I feel my body getting rid of old things. I am excited and will keep you updated. It’s great to have you here! 🙂

Kinesiology client A. from O.

“Dear Corinna, thank you so much for your efforts in conducting the kinesiological testing for our daughter’s sleep disorders! Thanks to the substances you tested, she has been sleeping very well. She feels really good now because she has something that helps her. Thank you very much!”

Kinesiology client N. from B.

Thank you, you have helped me a lot. I feel much clearer, confident, and open to new developments. I feel empowered and ready for the difficult conversation ahead. The kinesiology exercises (homeplays) have really helped me and were easy to integrate into my daily life.

Kinesiologie client S. from S.

Our conversation was very helpful. I thank you sincerely. The Sork Method worked well. I also had a dialogue with the inner team and finally found the solution that is helping me a lot now. The tics have improved significantly. Now I can sleep and concentrate better on my work. Thank you once again.

Kinesiology client A. from A.

Kinesiology often deals with very personal topics. Since the privacy of my clients is very important to me, all names and places of residence are only shown in abbreviated form.

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